Conceptual Bathroom


Background Of the Client

My client is a British actress and screenwriter, she lives alone, She has a more luxurious flat in Hampstead, London. but she often goes to filming out of the UK, so she doesn’t spend much time at this flat every year, she only come back on vacation. She decides to rent the house out when she is not at home and offer short rents to people who come on vacation or business, because she thought it was too wasteful to keep it unused all the year round.The bathroom beside the swimming pool is also the largest bathroom in the flat. The facilities are complete. It owns shower, sauna, steam room, toilet, jacuzzi. My client enjoys everything here when she rests at home. When she goes out to work, the flat will be rented and the renters can use the swimming pool and the bathroom, but the person who rents is not enjoying everything in the house, such as the owner's bedroom. When she comes back to live in this apartment, she is most relaxed, she usually worked in movies to play other roles and try to integrate into the life of the characters. 


As an actress, she seldom has time to be herself, because an actor or actress has to be peaceful even when she was not filming. she has to experience the daily life and living of those characters, she only enjoys his own life at home on annual vacation, where she can try to escape from his previous work and do what she wants to do. And the bathroom is the most relaxed space in everyone's home, no matter what occupation, the bathroom is a good space to vent one's emotions. People can talk to themselves in the mirror of the bathroom or sing when they are taking a shower in the bathroom.