Organic Farm

Evolution Of Vegetable Market

With the accelerated development of urbanization, the open-air fruit and vegetable markets have gradually disappeared. The pattern that farmers grow vegetables home and then deliver and sell their products in the city markets has gone, instead more and more fresh food which are produced with modern farming techniques have been sold on large internet platforms and new fresh supermarkets. With people’ living standard and their awareness of health food improving, more and more people have started to pay attention to and purchase organic vegetables. At present, in the domestic first-tier cities, the consumption of organic foods is mainly concentrated at large shopping malls near high-end communities and places where many foreigners reside. Meanwhile, the number of people who buy groceries via apps online is increasing. The reasons why this phenomenon appears are that more and more people become vegetarian and many more middle class join the rich and start to pay attention to organic vegetables as well. However, the organic supermarket like Whole Foods Market is still insufficient in China.

After undertaking investigation, I have discovered that the production of organic vegetables is much lower than other vegetables as the demand for them in domestic markets is still small. In order to meet the needs of customers, attract more people to know about organic vegetables and make organic foods the mainstream diet, I plan to design an organic supermarket in which people can experience the whole process from planting vegetables to cooking them.

Based on this investigation, I have found that the majority of customers who purchase organic food in Shanghai are those who have good degree and earn high salary. The main reason why they choose organic vegetables is that they believe they are much healthier than non-organic ones.

Site Analysis

I choose Taipinghu Park near Shanghai New World as the perfect site for my organic supermarket. First of all, Taipinghu, an artificial landscape lake, located in the center of Shanghai City and surrounded by CBD buildings, is a great place for me to build this seasonal supermarket on it and provide people with vivid experience about organic vegetable planting and diet just like many enterprises setting up temporary structures for some business activities, and also avoid occupying much public area. What’s more, its main customers around this area are made up of high-salary employees working in the CBD, residents of high-end communities and numerous visitors, which accords with my previous findings that those people are in great demand for organic vegetables.


These devices are designed to plant organic vegetables and display them on the vast water. In the daytime, floating on the lake, they obtain as much sunlight as possible and vividly demonstrate the cultivation of organic vegetables, which makes for drawing the public’s attention. While in the evening when the market closes, the remote control is used to make all of them drift back to the building.