Once upon a time in a cinema by the sea




Brighton does not only have one of the oldest cinemas in the UK, it is also a location for many movies. There are many feature films in the background of the city of Brighton. At the same time, there are many producers or directors who set up the film studio in Brighton. Therefore, the relationship between Brighton’s locals and tourists and the film is very close.I was considering using some of the abandoned storefronts on the beach to carry out my movie-related business activities.  


As there are fewer and fewer original commercial blockbusters in the past ten years, fewer and fewer investors are willing to invest in completely original commercial movies. The main reason is that audiences pay more attention to their visual effects and actors as well as the popularity of films while choosing and evaluating commercial movies. Few audiences pay attention to the significance of a completely unfamiliar commercial movie story itself, and the relationship between the director's or writer's personal experience and the film story. Therefore, this idea is that audiences would pass through an art gallery area before watching the film, art gallery area will show some of the film shooting process, as well as some related background stories, so that audiences can understand the nature of a film story better. The design concept of the exhibition hall is to let people evaluate a film from different angles and heights through many different steps, rather than just see the visual effect on its surface. The design of the shape is inspired by the shape of a relaxed person lying on the beach. I hope that people can enjoy the movies here in a relaxed manner.

Pop-up experiment

Brighton; United Kindom

I try to test my business model by making a pop-up independent cinema near my location. So I plan to create a temporary independent cinema beside my site, I would like to take full advantage of the indoor and outdoor space and open time, so my idea is to use some reasonable materials to build a space. During the daytime, the audience can buy tickets and go inside and watch some independent films shot by local British directors. At night, at that time we could use the external space for free screening of open-air movies to attract visitors who walked on the beach in the evening to enjoy British independent films, it’s also a way to advertise domestic independent movies.


In Dunkirk , Christopher Nolan splits a story into three story lines, using a non-linear narrative structure to tell the audience three story lines of different lengths of time. THE MOLE, THE SEA and THE AIR. Finally, the three story lines close at the end of the movie, forming a Complete story.My concept comes from the non-linear narrative structure in the famous British director Christopher Nolan's film. I tried to integrate this non-linear narrative structure into my space design. I imagine my space is a complete story, it has a complete story. The combination of fragments is a complete storyline. I assume that these story segments are any part of the space. These parts can be organized in space, but they can still be combined into a complete story line.


Final Individual Model 1 : 50

Cinemas usually play trailers in these two areas to attract audiences, but this is not the most effective way to promote independent movies. I think it would be more attractive for audiences to know some behind-the-scenes stories and some personal ideas of directors or screenwriters before enjoying some independent story movies.
Therefore, I consider setting up an art gallery area to show some film-related visual arts and some background stories in the process of the entrance to the reception to attract customers walk into the cinema and watch the movies being played inside.