Shared Community



The box is closed and used as the user’s private living space;

The extended part of the box can be used as working space


With the increasing immigrant population of Shanghai, one of the largest first-tier cities in China, housing problem has become a big issue, especially for those young people who have come here for better education and job opportunities. When those people start their internship or work after graduation, most of them do not have enough income to pay for the high rents or even though some of them have considerable salary, they can’t support their own needs and have to depend on their parents for part of their expenses. The housing problem has obstructed many of the young people from starting their own business and pursuing their dreams. I assume everyone lives in a box and each of us has our own private living space when the box is closed, while we share with others around the public space for work, entertainment and communication when the box is open. The boxes opened can be connected with other boxes around and then become a large sharing area, which helps solve the housing problem and provides enough co-working space.

Site Annalysis

I choose the open space near Wu Jiao Chang as the site for my design because nearby there are three famous universities, Wu Jiao Chang business area and an innovation park launched lately with relatively complete supporting facilities and convenient transportation, and most importantly there gather many graduates I expect to help to solve the housing problem. I aim to establish a sharing community which provides all of its members with comfortable co-working space and private residence like Ziroom Apartment.

Program  Circulation

4 Main House Types


As there are fewer and fewer original commercial blockbusters in the past ten years, fewer and fewer investors are willing to invest in completely original commercial movies. The main reason is that audiences pay more attention to their visual effects and actors as well as the popularity of films while choosing and evaluating commercial movies. Few audiences pay attention to the significance of a completely unfamiliar commercial movie story itself, and the relationship between the director's or writer's personal experience and the film story. Therefore, this idea is that audiences would pass through an art gallery area before watching the film, art gallery area will show some of the film shooting process, as well as some related background stories, so that audiences can understand the nature of a film story better. The design concept of the exhibition hall is to let people evaluate a film from different angles and heights through many different steps, rather than just see the visual effect on its surface. The design of the shape is inspired by the shape of a relaxed person lying on the beach. I hope that people can enjoy the movies here in a relaxed manner.